Friday, December 5, 2014

Goblins VS Gnomes Challenge - Hearthstone

Hello all! It's about time I've been able to update this blog with some personal stuff. It's been ages! Doesn't mean I haven't been busy though. The top image was done for the Hearthstone Challenge - Goblins vs. Gnomes. It was great fun coming up with a new card. The next image is a little comp I made up to show what his power is. Thanks for watching!

"Carl as he likes to be called, thought a lateral exhaust system for his launcher was such a great idea. In his mind he was just trying to protect the hero from the backfire. Little did he know, minions next to him would get the brunt of his 'new and improved' exhaust system. The Enraged Chicken was Carl's only friend... It's a sad day."


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mine Station Whiskey - Symbiotic Lung

Clipped from the image:

"For emergency one time use only. Please read instruction manual prior to use.

Developed in-house, this symbiote helps the user breath in an otherwise toxic environment.

Famously described as ‘Frenching the Poodle,’ the application of the Sym-Lung can be a queasy ordeal for some. The thick, chewy skin of the starter growth must be punctured by the user‘s teeth and held in place until the patented Sym-Lung growths take hold. Once attached to the tongue, the symbiote takes blood and atmospheric samples before growing to suit the user’s specific needs.

Grow time is approximately 4 minutes.

Prolonged use is inadvisable as symbiotes have unchecked growth rates. 48 hours is the longest one can wear the Sym-Lung before suffering from serious disfigurement. Surgical expertise is required after 48 hours. Removal results in the death of the symbiote."

Cheers, thanks for watchin!

Monday, January 20, 2014

God of Thunder - Beer Label

Fresh off the press. Tenaya Creek's God of Thunder Baltic Porter. In stores now! Somebody send me a bottle please!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Lustrum Project

The talent behind The Lustrum Project is on hiatus (traveling through Thailand at the moment) so she needed some guest blogs. FYI, a Lustrum is a period of 5 years. A Lustrum Project is when you make a conscious effort to do something new every week. A mighty task to accomplish. I've learned since writing this article that Vaseline is the perfect sealant for a beard and mask. Ya learn some'n new everyday!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mine Station Whiskey - Spallation Micro-Pulse

Hello all!
Here is a little Mine Station Whiskey update. This is a modified/handheld version of a much larger machine. The 'gun' is originally designed to throw micro-pulses into a rock face at different depths, effectively skimming the face off of a surface at designated nodes.  

In order to throw a pulse from within a rock face, the 9 micro-drill bits are shot into the wall and tailed to the gun nozzles with MicroFilaments. The drills are constantly guided and aware of each other by an on board computer, which triangulates positions between gun, slave, and master bits. Each drill drops a pulse node every 20 centimeters.  Once drills have reached a max depth, a series of pulses are thrown from the gun, through the filaments to the pulse nodes. Once there, waves propagate from master to slave over 8 nanoseconds, effectively shearing the rock wall. Each section of spall falls away from the rock face and can be readied for refinement.
Of course, in some situations it can be used as a weapon.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Game of Thrones - Bran's Climbing Expeditions.

This was done for Trojan Horse was a UnicornIt's Art Mag's illustration contest for A Song of Ice and Fire. And it's officially my first 'Fan Art.' They had some really sweet prizes.
I was really drawn to the description of Winterfell and wanted to capture that landscape described in the books. Especially Bran's description of his favorite route to reach the burnt tower. From atop of the tower you can see the roof of the Old Keep, The Godswood, The Glass House and the steam rising from the hot springs on which Winterfell was built.

Here are a couple shots of the progress. The composition was extended to the right a bit to better frame Bran.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mine Station Whiskey - The Monster Within

The Peripatetic Tomography Scanner consists of two parts. The first is a series of quarter size electrodes that are adhered to key points of the body, coupled with a pair of soft contacts worn on the eyes. These continually scan the body, then relay that information to the second part of the mechanism, a high density projector. This then projects the scan onto the body always adjusting and considering the angle of the eyes.

While this system wasn't originally designed for individual use, many people have taken this system and combined it with internal cameras, holos and hand tracking systems which allows for area specific injections and the easy removal of parasites or other foreign objects.

Our patient here has had trouble breathing for the last couple days and is in the process of diagnosing Pneumotoxocariasis- an illness caused by inhaling an airborne parasite.

More info coming soon on other crazy diseases and parasites one can catch on far off stations.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mine Station Whiskey - Visual Development

Visual Development for Mine Station Whiskey. A lot more to come. :)